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The Court of Mind




The Court of Mind

By: Seth Moris

Within the court there was but I

And then the splinters that flew by

I split in twain, betwixt and multiplied

Now Judge,

Now Jury,

Now Accuser,

Now Advocate,

Now Defendant

Defendant sat, accused of crimes

Against humanity, that is, his Kind

Accuser stood and pointed fingers

Brought forth evidence, placed the blame

Advocate stood and presented circumstance

Showed the Jury past actions and behaviors

The Judge held sway over the order

So that Accuser and Advocate would not cross borders

Into disorder, of the court

The Jury listened as the two retorted

The Defendant sat silent, the object of question

The Plaintiff was born, across the room

It was he who’s hopes the Defendant slew

With the Defendants actions and mirth

All to these did One give birth

The Jury listened, the Judge presided

The Advocate argued, the Accuser derided

The Defendant sat stony, aware of his guilt

The Plaintiff sat frowning, his dreams had been spilled

There was but one more, behind them all

In a back room, behind thick walls

Who waited and listened, just as well as the rest

Was known to be morbid, if only in jest

The Executioner had no place in the meeting, yet

But he was behind the scene, with trident and net

Never been called for yet, but this aspect waited the day

In which his actions would be called into play

It was a good thing such a callous man

Was held behind walls himself, kept out of the plans

And lets not forget, the other one born

The healer, physician, who was waiting as well

For the court to be called, for the persons to swell

Back into One, or seemingly so

I open my eyes and it all disappears

Court has been called to a close, the verdict is here

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