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I live in a world that is constantly bombarded by advertisement, both overt and subliminal. It funds media, and is spliced through and through. Every advertisement is an attempt to change your mind, to catch your attention, to alter a view. This wouldn’t be a big deal if it wasn’t for the fact that the mind is the brain from another vantage point. Essentially, every attempt to change your mind is an attempt to change your brain, physically through the neuroplastic connections in your brain.

Now, before you get all worked up or use this to validate some sort of Orwellian doom-saying, keep in mind this is the reality for psychical beings. We live in a world of ideas, symbols and of mind, and we are affected by ideas, symbols and mind. It is hardly a malevolent conspiracy and probably has far more to do with humans being social beings than anything else. The fact that symbols, letters and speech can physically and psychically (two vantage points of the same thing) change a human being is a necessary part of being able to communicate and to be able to pass on wisdom. Most people would hardly view it as a form of mind-control for an experienced person to warn a novice about impending, unforeseen dangers. Such an act of communication does surely impact the brain/mind, but also for the good of the ‘group’ involved, if they are co-operative. The medium itself is neutral, neither ‘malevolant’ or ‘beneficent’ by itself. It must be programmed by the person using gestalt-manipulation for their own ends.  The question becomes one of motive.


Far removed from human pro-social groups is the idea of advertisement. You may be getting the idea that it is some sort of board of evil old men in business suits sitting around with cigars, chuckling about how they are taking over the world, but the truth seems much more…boring than that. Businesses and corporations are made out of people, but I think it would be incorrect to say that humans actually directly control them. It seems that they take on an emergent property after you add enough specialization and humans to the mix. In the end, the corporation is run on algorithms, and the humans are merely following out the orders of math. They do ‘what makes sense’ in a business. They want to make money, and more of it than last year. In a way, even though the businesses themselves are made out of individuals, and highly chaotic beings (such as humans) the overall structure of it is quite primordial and crude, almost like a giant amoeba. So when its decided that making advertisements would benefit the business, its hardly the decision of a board of evil masterminds. It goes through a chain of command, and is done for a reason that makes sense in the sphere of existence that is that mathematical entity, the corporation. Humans are merely interchangeable parts in the vast super-organism that is a corporation or a business. If someone is fired, or quits, or dies, there is almost always a replacement. It is out of the hands of most people in a corporation to have any affect on whether or not the business actually dies out or not. In short, the advertisement is just the end result of a huge machination, and that machinations relation to other giant machinations, so we can’t exactly simplify it to being a few ‘evil’ people.

That being said, there is a source of ‘mind/brain changing” that is fired upon us with no empathy, and (you guessed it) it comes from these inhuman mathematical super-organisms. Not because they are evil, but because they are the furthest thing from being human (even though they are made up out of humans) and thus could be said to be ‘alien’. What serves a corporation or a business does not necessarily serve humanity as a whole, and does not even necessarily serve the humans that the corporation is made up out of (though arguably the most successful ones would take care of their own humans).  From out of these monetary titans comes gestalt-manipulation on scales never before seen or possible for humans in the past.

Some people hate to watch commercials, I watch them on purpose. I like to dissect them, I like to purposefully notice the things within them that were intended to not be noticed. I like to notice the paintings and bookshelves in the backgrounds of commercial actors, where nobody looks, and see what paintings and what books they are. I like to take note of the lighting and the colors, and of the type of people and how they are dressed in the commercial. Every commercial is intended to change something within a certain percentage of people, probabilistically, and I like negating their intended purpose to take up my psychic air-time by dissecting them to the point of being silly. The net of memes, viral campaigns, mottos, slogans, branding, logos and theme songs are an effectively concrete aspect of our reality. Pepsi flags, Coca-Cola cults. They exist like a virtual overlay over simple matter, project from our minds, and where do you think the seeds of such projection came from originally?

Effectively the over-saturation of advertisement and gestalt-manipulating media has created a ‘mnemonic web’ or overlay that exists over what we would consider physical reality. Nudging people to associate stimuli together until they end up being at the beck and call of external stimuli, or at least marginally changed by it.

But instead of trying to combat it, to take it down, why not subvert it? The work is already done, and these psychical monoliths stand over the horizons already. All attempts to ‘take down’ these corporate mnemonic webs have proven futile, but re-programming them or de-programming yourself from their influence remain viable and useful. The monetary super-organisms have already shown far more signs of being ‘alien’ and ‘inhuman’ and technically a type of ‘neutral’ than ‘evil’, so why spend a lifetime trying to destroy what you cannot destroy, and even can get benefit from? Does one break the wild horse, or shoot it because they can’t get it to yield? What am I talking about?

Hijacking the advertisement overlay, with your mind. Without breaking the law, without destruction of property, you can effectively utilize a mnemonic web bigger than anything else we’ve ever had and use it to your own ends. It just takes association re-programming. Instead of associating a commercial for Pepsi with thirst or a sugar high, force yourself to focus intensely on some ideological, practical, philosophical, or psychological concept. Change it so that every time you see a Pepsi commercial or the Pepsi coloration, the Pepsi logo, your brain doesn’t do what they want it to do, and instead use that time to remind yourself of something. Maybe to remind you of your True Will? Maybe to remind you to do a reality check for your lucid dreaming experiments? Maybe you could associate a universal archetype to subway commercials, or attach the Three Poisons of Buddhism to McDonalds, Fox News and Wal-Mart. Go nuts.

The idea is that by focusing intently on something alternative to the intended ‘point’ of an advertisement, logo, etc, that you get a giant ‘reminder’ system for free. Like a wake-up call at a hotel, or having your own disembodied personal assistant. Through the power of mental alchemy you can transmute a web meant to coerce you into buying stuff using emotional appeal and gestalt-manipulation into a way to re-shape your phenomenological  existence.

~ Seth Moris

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